The Shaman

To truly know, you must empty yourself of knowing.

This means, cast aside all that you’ve learned either by reading or by experience. Sit by a fire or outside at night and don’t forfeit the experience by bringing with you your expectations or beliefs.

There is no Odin. There is no God as you understand it. Don’t succumb to the fallacy of dogma. Don’t fall for others interpretations or experiences. Sit, watch, listen. Be still.

Wait for nothing to happen. When you’ve waited long enough, something will occur. Don’t filter it.

Be with it.

Don’t examine it.

Don’t try to interpret it or extrapolate it into a preconceived idea, just be with it.

Come to your own understanding of the world. By your own understanding you will find your true calling. Your vision quest. Your life purpose.

Runes, tarot, these things work as much as you believe them to. But they too are tools made by Man and have their own inherent pitfalls and miasma. They are neither pure nor totally truthful.

Go against common sense. Empty what you’ve learned. Empty all of it. Only then will you begin to understand the secrets of life and the essence of the Universe. But remember, seek not to understand seek to experience. Experience first understand later.

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