Our Beloved Truck..

After picking up our 2020 CrossRoads Travel Trailer and towing it with my Ram EcoDiesel about 2 hours north, we made it to our first destination, a small but clean RV campground near Napa. The overall idea was just to get out and experience first-hand all of the things with setting up the trailer, getting acquainted with in’s and out’s and of course learning how to clean all the tanks (grey and black water).

The trip was short but great until…..

The next morning we packed up the trailer and began heading out towards out storage facility (since we’re almost ready for full-time living) as we wrap up the house sale back in the Bay. While we were casually hauling down the highway, the “low oil pressure” warning light came on and the gauge shot down to zero.


I knew right then this was a big problem. Every time I would come to a slow roll or a full stop the gauge light would pop up. When I’d give it gas, the gauge would shoot back up to normal operating range.

After we dropped off the trailer, I inspected the engine bay. Checked the oil levels. Everything seemed fine. Closer to home (and without towing) the issue kept appearing. Hours of online research later, I come across MANY owners of the RAM EcoDiesel reporting the EXACT same failures. Towing or not, the same issues appeared systematically. Whether under 10k miles or over 100k miles, people were by and large having to take their trucks in to get fixed.

Our truck has been sitting at Dodge now for over a week. The dealer reported back the engine has metal shavings in the oil pan. Luckily we bought an extended warranty because he told me it will cost about $20,000 to fix. The way he casually told me was as if I just had that kind of cash laying around- I reminded him of my third-party warranty. Now the warranty company needs “proof” of the damage before they will replace the engine.

According to many on the Ram forums I’ve come across, many of the owners have had to get their engines replaced 2 or more times! Insane!

The new plan now is to get the engine replaced and get out of this truck ASAP! I’ve always been brand loyal to Dodge but I am now considering other options…

Stay tuned.

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