The Adventure Begins

We are the proud new owners of a travel trailer.

The first step to having new adventures is complete. With the ways things have played out over the course of the past few months, it is clear now is the best time to take the leap. As companies falter, industries fade and systems show their cracks-we find ourselves in a new dawn. COVID has wrecked havoc across the globe and has uplifted life as we know it. Just being out to buy the trailer was an almost surreal experience. The door greeter ensuring we were wearing our masks and doling out the mandatory hand sanitizer. Our salesmen clearly over wearing his mask, kept pulling it off of his face to talk. Tension in the air. Worry about contraction, I pulled my mask a little tighter.

The political sphere has been more than divisive, naturally. This is nothing new. Even in the times of Ancient Rome they were busy feuding internally over government and politics. Pulling down statues and questioning the Might of Rome was commonplace. I believe though, this is the true heart of Democracy. Americans tend to be the most hostile to government reach. Some want more, some want less but all want something. The reason I bring up politics and COVID is because it is a very controversial issue of our times. But it is not my focus, only the springboard for getting out of dodge to the best of our abilities.

Not everyone wants to go full on Chris McCandless and exit society into the wilds of Alaska. I’m not even trying to go that far (geographically or metaphysically). I believe based on what I’ve seen just in the congested city of San Francisco, and elsewhere, being huddled on top of one another is not at all the way we were meant to live. Man needs space. We need to be connected and embedded into nature as best we can. The further we remove ourselves from nature, the further we move away from our true selves. Just as they say it’s easy to be a meat-eater when you have someone else handling the butchering for you, the same resonates with not being aware (or not concerned) with the treatment of our environment. Teddy Roosevelt, John Muir, Henry Thoreau were on to something when they fervently defended nature. Could you imagine what Yosemite would look like right now if Teddy didn’t establish protections for it? A future without park preservation could be a true threat in the near future. A future I hope never comes to fruition.

Before I really dig into writing more on my blog that few will likely ever read, I want to establish that I align as a Libertarian. When I have chatted with others in more Liberal areas of California, they take me for a gun-loving die hard Conservative. When we lived in Texas, I was called a nature-loving hippie. I am of the perspective of “Do what you want, just don’t tell me what to do. And as long as what we do collectively harms no one else, then keep doing what you want.” That may very well be the problem with our times. We are quick to associate and label. You belong to this tribe and I belong to that tribe, identity politics. Human thought and belief can be variable. The person you were 5 years ago may very well not be the same person you are today. Be open to understanding others’ opinions even if you don’t agree. I am pro-gun and pro-military, this is because I was in the Army. I went to Iraq and Afghanistan. I saw how bad of shape a country can be, a people oppressed. I have friends and family who are very anti-gun and even anti-military. I understand the reasonings for why they believe what they do.

Now on to happier things from here on.

Our first trip with the travel trailer (to get my bearings with towing again, it’s been a while) will be heading up north to my wife’s family’s favorite camping spot. They’ve been going to the lake there for over 20 years. Last trip we made there, we tented it. It was about 105 each day and quite miserable. I was not feeling it at all because I’m used to bush camping with few or no people. We showed up and then about 30 minutes later a giant pack of cars came with over 15 people to setup tents in a space meant for 1-2 tents. They were so close to our tent we could hear them breathing. That is not camping to me. Now we’ll be glamping with our new addition. After this trip we’re definitely heading over to Yosemite then probably soon after we’ll start traveling to other places like Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, CA. I also want to visit the “Forest Moon of Endor” aka Ewok Forest aka Redwood Forest in Crescent City, CA. We’ll split over to SoCal at some point then venture to Yuma, AZ (a place I’m very familiar with when I was gearing up to head over to Iraq). Yuma is the ghost of the wild west gold rush. You can venture around the outskirts of Yuma and still find eerily deep mining holes, quarries and antique trash. The mining holes go as deep as 150 feet. They aren’t taped off. If you stand near the holes you can feel cold air rushing out. It’s surreal and creepy, interesting and alluring. It’s almost as if the ghosts of the past are screaming in the tunnels but all that comes out is cold dead air.

Once COVID-19 clears up, which I hope is soon for everyone’s sake, we’ll start venturing across states. Montana has always been on my list of places to see. I had a job offer once to be a Ranch Hand/Cowboy on a 600+ acre ranch near Billings. We’ll also venture over through Washington where I lived for many years growing up and Oregon. Eventually we’ll push as far as Florida, my home. The journey is just beginning.

I hope you all have a great day.

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