Fortunate Son

What does it mean to wander into nature?

Wonder and wander are so similar in certain contexts. Thoreau understood the beauty and value of being in nature. Teddy Roosevelt also knew this and that it must be protected at all costs. Society has always sought to be protected from nature. The end goal was to be so far removed from nature. Yet the further away we become, the more damage we unknowingly do to it. We don’t realize how symbiotic our relationship has always been with earth. We need a healthy ecosystem just as it needs us. Sadly, we know pollution is a large and growing issue. I was on a hike at a park near my house and came across a stream. Delighted I was at first but quickly turned to disgust. There was so much trash, plastic bags, cans, diapers and who knows what else sitting in a frothy pit where a large rock was accumulating this garbage. My immediate reaction was “Gross, someone should do something about this! The Park Rangers are here and it’s this bad?” I overlooked that I should have taken it upon myself to clean this up, or go a step further and organize a clean up day. Maybe people would appreciate this quaint nature park they are so lucky to have near the outskirts of a large city. Most of the residents likely have never set foot in the park, or any parks nearby for that matter. For a hippie like me, I realize the madness of the modern attention culture. Majority of people are sucked in to the trappings of modern life. Insta-gratification. Insta-delivery. Insta-everything.

I’m not an Anarcho-Primitivist in denial that all modern culture is bad. To state it clearly, there are significant advancements in medicine, science, technology and more that many people should have access to. There’s a meme online that jokes about having poor eye-sight, and seeing a blurry orange figure. It’s assumed it’s a tiger and the meme-er is about to die. But must be willing to accept their fate due to being anti-tech, anti-progress, anti-civ.

Like with anything else, there’s got to be a balance. And this could be different for different people. It is my intent for this website to cater to those who are enamored by nature or who need a nudge to get outside and experience all that it has to offer!

I’ve always worked hard. When I first joined the Army and became a UAV Pilot, to later when I was working as a Mission Commander in Iraq & Afghanistan with teams finding IEDs with large-scale UAVs, working at Project Loon at Google and even most recently Self-Driving Cars at Aurora. COVID really shook things up for the entire planet. Aside from being in complete lockdown, many things went out the window for many people to include: employment, sanity, socializing, travel, normalcy and so much more. I’m in a circumstance where I’m able to get my wish of being free for the first time in my working career. It is my intent to take you all on a journey with us as we travel and explore the physical realm of nature of the spiritual realm of what it means to be free in modern society.

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