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The Shaman

To truly know, you must empty yourself of knowing. This means, cast aside all that you’ve learned either by reading or by experience. Sit by a fire or outside at night and don’t forfeit the experience by bringing with you your expectations or beliefs. There is no Odin. There is no God as you understandContinue reading “The Shaman”

Our Beloved Truck..

After picking up our 2020 CrossRoads Travel Trailer and towing it with my Ram EcoDiesel about 2 hours north, we made it to our first destination, a small but clean RV campground near Napa. The overall idea was just to get out and experience first-hand all of the things with setting up the trailer, gettingContinue reading “Our Beloved Truck..”

Cloud Watching

When was the last time you went outside, laid down and watched the clouds? Meditating is always an excellent activity. It has many forms. Cloud watching is, in my opinion, the most passive and easiest way to meditate. Previously, I hadn’t really done it since I was a young child. If like me it hasContinue reading “Cloud Watching”

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